Digital Marketing Guide for FinTech Companies

My new free e-book about promoting financial companies. Own experience and real cases.


About Author

My name is Lubov Svejentseva. I am a marketing specialist with almost ten years of experience in promoting fintech companies. In my new free e-book, I set out to share this experience and look at the most successful practices for promoting in the fintech market. 

Working experience

  • From 2013 to the present, I have been working for Payeer.
  • After 2 years of work, I grew up to the head of the support team office.
  • Successfully opened several offices for the company
  • Developing the presence of the Payeer e-wallet - in Europe, Asia, Latin America.
  • Managed a team of over 20 employees

Lubov Svejentseva

What Can You Learn From My Book?

  1. My journey as a marketing specialist at a fintech company — from a junior assistant to the Marketing Manager at Payeer
  2. An overview of successful promotional practices illustrated by the top ten most successful fintech companies globally
  3. The top five mistakes that can ruin your marketing strategy
  4. The power of affiliate programs to attract customers 
  5. Importance of working with reputation and feedback
  6. Three types of strategies for explosive company growth 
  7. The difference between marketing for traditional banking products and fintech services 
  8. Regulator requirements in different countries for advertising financial services
  9. Ten trends in fintech development for 2023 — risks and opportunities

The most important things to know

This book, focused on practical advice, is perfect for anyone who wants to succeed in the challenging world of fintech.

Who Should Read My Book?

I believe that my book will be useful both for aspiring marketing specialists who want to learn how to promote financial services and for company executives who need to get an overview of promotion strategies. 


It took me over two years to write this guide; I tried to fill it with as much practical experience as possible without using boring theory. I wrote the book in my spare time; it helped me systematize my knowledge. I hope you will enjoy the read.

What Is Fintech?

Fintech is an industry where companies use new financial technologies and solutions to compete with traditional financial institutions for customers' hearts and money. Often, these are tech start-ups and companies that use fintech tools to improve their services. 

This is a fast-growing niche with intense competition, so it is impossible to be successful in this market without taking marketing seriously.. 

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Digital Marketing Guide for FinTech Companies

My new free e-book about promoting financial companies on the Internet. Own experience and real cases.

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